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Bitmap to Vector Conversion Service

Vector art refers to picture art that is scalable. In other words, you can change the size of a logo or graphic with vector art and not lose any of its quality. For those who are not in the graphic design industry, this feature can be very important in branding and in constructing a web presence. The Bitmap to Vector Service will take your bitmap files and turn them into vector art.

  • ONE FILE BITMAP Converted

    € 89,00
  • TWO FILE BITMAP Converted

    € 149,00

Bitmap to Vector Design Features

Features of Bitmap to Vector

The best feature? A reduction in cost. Vector images are easy to print.

Advantages of Bitmap to Vector

Vectors are scalable, which means you can modify their size at any time with no distortion.

Usability of Bitmap to Vector

Increasing or decreasing the size of the picture without affecting its quality! It’s more usable than other types.

Good for Printing

Vectors are perfect for printing in professional quality on a range of different products.


Vector images are great, but you can use PNG, JPG, and CDR for image storing as well. However, vector images are highly flexible.


As a team, we are always there to back you up. You can get all your issues and questions cleared from us instantly.

EPS, SVG, PDF, AI as final output

NDA Agreement

Full vectorization

Money Back Guarantee