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We Support your business to set out the right fund to your investment
We are advice in order to create your international sale network. Plan how to increase the efficency of distribution channel.
We are advisor in order to assist your supplier scouting efforts and effectively identify a new supplier to support your business.
We are advisor in order to transfer goods of all types and sizes and set out the best operational Logistic

2TM International providing a wide range of international services

We leverage our industry experience, deep scenario expertise, and comprehensive portfolio of services to deliver highly innovative and sustainable solutions. We have in-house specialist in all disciplnes. These core areas are supported well via or project management


2TM International is able to provide effective consultancy services enabling clients to make effective choices.
These services extend over our full technical offering including EU project management,
Head new market access, Suppliers scouting procurement, Logistic solutions disciplines.

EU Program Project Management

We conduct full project about Funding opportunities to support your investments

Market Networking

We conduct projects about launching of new products or to set out the approach new market, study of the field and definition of strategical positioning

Supplier Scouting Procurement

We are close to your suppliers scouting procurement to achieve that. We offer personalized service to transform exigence into concrete successful project.

Carrier Management

We conduct projects about supporting your survey and analysis of logistic costs, offering disruptive solutions