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PSD to Email

Mailchimp, iContact, Mailup.. available for all Email tool

PSD to Email

We avoid using DIV tags during the email developing because they’re not fetched by many email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, etc. As you can imagine, that takes away a significant portion of your market, which is why we use table tags instead: we want you to reach the maximum amount of people with your emailer templates. We recommend that designs should be 600 pixels or less. Any larger than that and you’ll have trouble getting your email template to fit in the emails of most email clients.

Broad Compatibility

Aol webmail, Hotmail, Gmail, Applemail, Outlook, we’re compatible with just about everything.

Easy to Understand and Manage

We explain how to manage your list, template, to allow you become your manager campaign. Our semantic coding is simple and easy to work with.

Table-Based Markup

Our use of the appropriate tags ensures maximum compatibility with emailer clients, allowing you to utilize every lead.

Optimized Images

We will optimize your email images to allows the faster loading on reciving receipt..

Optional Features

Campaign Management

We design, coding and manage all your campaigns for 12 month with one newsletter per month, or more if you need, folowing your delivery and conversion rate.

Statistics reports

We send you a complete report with percentual of Subscriber-specific statistics, like which subscribers opened the campaign or clicked a link, are not included in the exported report.

Time/Cost Efficiency

Responsive email will drastically cut down on the development time and cost, allowing to focus more of your marketing budget on other issues.